The first time visitors make some very common clothing mistakes when visiting a haunted house and these will not only make your experience less enjoyable but you might damage your clothes as well, if you have been wondering what you should wear to a haunted house then this is where you will get the answers, I have been a victim of wrong clothing to a haunted and I can say it with experience that it makes things really difficult. Haunted house is going to have a lot of surprises for you and you should not think about dressing well rather you should focus on wearing things which are comfortable and that goes for clothes and shoes.

It is all about survival in a haunted house and if you are wearing heels or an open toe shoe then God help you, the actors are trained not to touch you and you are advised to do the same but when they spook you in the dark you might react and run and when you do that wearing wrong type of shoes then it can cause an Injury, so it is a matter of safety as well, secondly you shouldn’t wear your best shoes to a haunted house, different types of open haunted house might have color, mud, water and if it rains then you are going to ruin your footwear, so think about it and make the right choice, the best option would be to wear your robust joggers which you have used multiple times and you are not bothered if it catches paint or mud and even better if it washable. Scariest haunted house in Ohio which is the carnival of horrors is such an amazing show and it is definitely an experience of a lifetime and it all went sour because of wrong selection of clothing and shoes from my wife.